I just want to sit here and take in the view

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  • I just want to sit here and take in the view 1
  • I just want to sit here and take in the view 2
  • I just want to sit here and take in the view 3

Audiovisual installation composed of two videos that are played in a loop at the same time. The videos are recordings of a user scrolling down content generated for social networks.

Work exhibited at the Barcelona film and video art festival, Loop, 2022. At La Escocesa, Barcelona, ES.

Link to simultaneous videos

    My body is mere matter

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    • My body is mere matter 1
    • My body is mere matter 2
    • My body is mere matter 3
    • My body is mere matter 4
    • My body is mere matter 5
    • My body is mere matter 6
    • My body is mere matter 7

    Song displayed in karaoke version on a TV set, glass bottles filled up with living matter, yeasts, fungi, bacteria, larvae and insects, jars with dried and living plants, soft lights, wires, stickers, and love notes written in pink.

    Work exhibited at Fundació Joan Brossa, 2022. Barcelona, ES.

    Thanks to: Marina Albareda (singer), Eric Pons (audio recorder), Dani Coll (music production)

    Still Life

    • Still Life 0
    • Still Life 1
    • Still Life 2
    • Still Life 3
    • Still Life 4
    • Still Life 5

    Glass vessels filled with decomposed matter, fruit flies, earwigs, beetles, fungi, yeasts and bacteria. Spanish Baroque still life recreations. Work produced in residence at La Escocesa, 2022.

    Thanks to: Joana Capella Buendia (bread making)

      Unsteady Consistency

      • Unsteady Consistency 0
      • Unsteady Consistency 1
      • Unsteady Consistency 2
      • Unsteady Consistency 3
      • Unsteady Consistency 4
      • Unsteady Consistency 5
      • Unsteady Consistency 6
      • Unsteady Consistency 7

      Glass jars filled with decaying apple and fruit flies. Apple-shaped bioplastic done with the decaying apple matter. Video of a perforated body and a sound file of a non-native voice.

      Work exhibited at Wunderkammer - Naturalia / Artificialia, Stuttgart, DEU. Curated by Jan Nicola Angermann. Produced in residence at the Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg, 2021.

      Thanks to: Marjorie and Mona (voice performers), Judith Engel (german translation), Albert García-Alzórriz (audio recording) and Felix Nagl (audio edition). Also thanks to Kunstverein Stuttgart, Goethe Institute Barcelona and Hangar.

      Filtering out solids

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      • Filtering out solids 1
      • Filtering out solids 2
      • Filtering out solids 3
      • Filtering out solids 4
      • Filtering out solids 5

      Audio file in which five synthetic beings hold a conversation on the speakers and projectors in the exhibition hall. Remote and collective performance.

      Residency and solo exhibition at Homesession, 2020. Barcelona, ES.

      Thanks to: Anna Sevilla, Marina Tedesco, Tània Poberezhna, Paula Bruna, Aurembiaix Ainsa, Laura Maneiro, Magdalena Lorca, Martí Ribas, Inés Díaz (performers) and Matí (english translation).